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Take Away Menu

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Customer Details
MEZE – small tasty cold salad dishes (may vary daily) 

Hummus Turkish chickpeas, garlic, lemon, tahini, olive oil and a touch of cumin (Vegan GF)

Spicy Ezme Chopped pepper, tomato, onion, cucumber salsa, chilli, parsley, sumac & olive oil (Vegan GF)

Saksuka Roast peppers, aubergines, onions, garlic in a tomato and olive oil sauce (Vegan GF)

Kisir Bulgur wheat salad with fresh herbs, pomegranate molasses, spring onion, lemon (Vegan)

Havuc Carrot salad with mixed spices, citrus, prunes, apricot, parsley, garlic (Vegan GF)

Kopoglu Roast Aubergine, garlic yoghurt, tomato sauce (Veggie GF)

Yaprak sarma Turkish vine Leaves stuffed with rice and herbs (Vegan GF)

Patates salata potatoes with fresh herbs, spring onion, olive oil, lemon and sweet paprika (Vegan GF)

Fasulye giant beans in tomato, dill sauce (Vegan GF)

Cacik whipped feta, cucumber, garlic yoghurt, mint (Veggie GF)


Meze Deli Pot


Meze Deli Pot


Mixed Meze Box with a Pitta and Borek

Choose 4 Meze and 1 Borek

Choose 4 Meze and 1 Borek
BOREK Daily baked homemade filo pastry pie............ £3.50

Box of 4 Borek £12.00

Spinach, mushroom and nutmeg (Vegan) Lightly spiced potato, onion and herbs (Vegan) Minced lamb, onion and herbs
Spinach, feta, leek and onion (Veggie) 

SOUP always veggie and vegan with sourdough bread

Regular ..............£3.50



Regular Soup and Borek


TURKISH GUVEC daily hot stew with sourdough bread....... £6.50


Baklava A traditional Turkish dessert made from many fine layers of filo pastry, nuts and honey syrup


Figs Stuffed with walnuts in a honey cinnamon syrup (yoghurt optional ) (can be Vegan )

Revani Turkish semolina sponge cake steeped in orange syrup sprinkled with pistachio (yoghurt optional)



Other sweet treats on the counter......come in and check

Please Advise us of any Allergies at the time of Ordering. Full Allergen List Available

Thank you for placing your order

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